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AROUNDCAORLE comes from the passion of four guys to the place where they grew up, for the pleasure of traveling and the desire to share what their territory can offer. Hence the idea to publish a guide that collects our favorite locations and excursion ideas in the surrounding areas of Caorle, the center of the project and ​​the starting point for all the destinations.

What is it?

AROUNDCAORLE  it is a travel guide:

  • pocketbook, ideal for trips of one day;
  • immediate and easy to consult. Each place is described for what it offers as culture, history, nature, fun and food;
  • independent: the places mentioned were chosen according to our subjective and free opinion.

How to use?

AROUNDCAORLE reports both a list of places and routes suggested by us: use it as you deem appropriate and in particular let us know if you like! … have a good trip!

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